Solar Home System

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RG Solar Home System (RG-SHS) is suitable for residential applications such as lighting, fan,computer and all other home appliances. RG solar home system is specially designed to work on dual mode (both Solar and AC Grid). RG-SHS consists of solar Panels connected to solar PCU (Power control unit) and battery. The generated Solar DC current is converted to AC current for supplying AC loads and the surplus is stored in the battery for non sunny hours. The PCU is the brain of this system; it has been designed to give the first preference to solar power than battery.

The last preference will be the AC grid from the regular power line. So it takes least power from the grid (regular electricity) and gives more benefit to the user. Overall, it helps in saving a considerable percentage of money by not using the regular electricity.

RG Solar Home System options: 125W, 250W, 500W, 1KW, 2KW up to 10KW

Solar Home System Advantages/Benefits:

  • Solar home system can operate on both solar power as well as grid power.
  • It is integrated with in-built solar charge controller which enables the conversion
    of solar power in to electricity.
  • The inverter always gives first preference to solar power, then battery and finally
  • to the grid, once the battery level goes to the preset lower limit.
  • It is designed to give you maximum benefit from the solar and minimize
    your electricity bill.
  • The key advantage is to provide non-stop power, save money and save electricity.
  • Clean energy, Green energy, and gifting future for next generation.
  • By using solar energy one can become an independent power producer.
  • One time investment helps for very longer tenure (Lifelong) and fulfills the energy needs. Less maintenance, Long life panels.
  • All time energy even if the electricity is failing.
  • The abundance of solar energy. (Never end). You don’t pay for sunlight. (Free energy)

RG Advantages:

  • Reliable cost, Good product, Excellent support.
  • High efficiency multi crystalline PV modules. Our PV modules are world class standard.
  • RG Solar panels: product warranty: 5 Years & performance warranty: 25 Years.
  • Panel certifications: IEC 61215 & IRC 61730 & ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
  • Solar tubular battery with 5 years of warranty. Specially designed for solar products from the leading battery manufactures.
  • Hassle free customer service & Free Maintenance for 1 year at site.
  • Cost effective solutions based on your needs.