About Us

We M/s Radiant Green Energy(RG) are a bangalore based Green Energy Promoter, Established in the year of 2012. We started with a passion to give back something to the society. Our aim is to make an impact in the society by providing greener energy, which not only saves the costs but also results in sustaining the environment.

We promote Solar Energy & LED lightings. Our main goal is to generate Green Energy for the future, reducing the energy consumption using various energy saving techniques, which makes reduction in carbon foot prints. We set global standards in achieving this goal.

We develop, plan, build and operate solar plants and systems and we are also a specialist in energy auditing for our customers to reduce there energy consumption and save there energy costs.Our energy auditing team is so efficient in measuring, validating our clients energy needs and suggest various options to reduce there energy consumption.

To achieve this solution we are integrated with many top manufactures in Indian market. For LED Lightings Radiant Green Energy is marketing partner for AVNI Energy, and offers its products and services across Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.

Avni Energy product’s are of the highest quality available in today’s LED market. Each product has been assembled under strict control standards using the best materials available in the world market. When dealing with INDIA’s top second Manufacture you also receive a customer satisfaction commitment & giving you a peace of mind you are receiving the best quality, product, installation and service in the industry.

We have an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price.

Why Solar?

The world is growing in population and technology, resulting in high energy consumption. More importantly, this growth doesn’t stop or stagnate, but it continues to ‘Grow’. The entire cycle leads to ‘Energy’. We need energy for many things, starting from the day till we go to bed and even when we asleep!! It is almost impossible to satisfy all the energy needs by using conventional energy sourcing; hence the best alternative is Solar Energy. Solar is one of the best renewable energy which doesn’t impact the environment, but instead it helps in greening and saving the environment, So that we gift the better world to our next generation!!

Why LED?

There are many reasons why businesses and homeowners are switching to LED:
High efficiency: Roughly 80% of the energy used in an incandescent bulb is wasted via heat. 80-90% of energy used in LED lights is used in the generation of light. The term used to describe LEDs minimal heat generation is ‘cold lighting’.
Less Maintenance: LED lights have a significantly higher lifetime. This can range from around 20,000-100,000 hours per luminaire. The costs associated of replacing conventional lamps over 20 times during the lifetime of an LED are quite staggering, especially if maintenance costs are high to start with.
Environmentally Friendly: LEDs do not contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Compact Fluorescent lights contain mercury which is highly toxic. Both incandescent and CFL lights emit a small amount of UV radiation whereas LEDs emit none.
Lesser CO2 Emissions: A large percentage of energy comes from the burning of fossil fuels. This in turn releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Less energy needed to facilitate the use of lights means a decrease in the amount of fossil fuels being burnt. Using LED lights will contribute greatly in reducing your carbon footprint.

Why Radiant Green?

Radiant Green has a wide spread of sales & service networks across South India, with a focus to expand in other areas. We have the proficiency and the expert resources in Energy auditing & set up the ‘Solar Power Generator’ according to your requirements. We take pride in providing the solar products and LED solutions that helps environment to live longer and provide a clean and green energy to our generations.

Key Advantages from Radiant Green Energy.

1. Expertise in Solar Energy solutions, based on customer requirement.
2. Highly Prefecency in Energy Auditing & Free Energy Auditing solutions to customers.
3. High quality Solar & LED products in competative price.
4. Min 2 years of warranty for LED luminerys.
5. Best customer service in the industry.