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We take pride in providing the solar products and solutions that helps environment. We have a wide spread sales & service networks across South India.


One time investment helps life long and fulfills the energy needs. Check out our Products Page


Replace the old incandescent bulbs and save 80% of energy. Check out our Products Page

RADIANT GREEN ENERGY -Green Energy Promotor.

Our Solar Products

We provide stand-alone systems, suitable for commercial applications such as lighting, fan, computer and other office, residential needs..

Our LED Products

RG LED Products are designed to replace the old incandescent bulbs and it saves 80% of the energy. It is driven by a universal constant current LED..

Our Solutions

Global warming refers to the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Solar Energy does actually prevent global ..
We M/S Radiant Green Energy (RG) are a green energy promoter. RG focuses on helping customers to set up their own Solar Power Generation, which is innovative, independent, high standard, long life and contribute in reduction of fossil fuels. We have standard solutions for the energy need of home, business, schools/colleges, non-profits and government organizations. We understand that each system is diverse and each customer has typical requirements. Our goal is to help our customer to generate independent energy, to manage the frequent power cuts, also to reduce the electricity bill and global warming impacts. We understand your needs and provide the best solutions in every solar implementation. RG approach is to install systems to the highest quality standards while making the switch simple for our customers. Our products are high standard, long life, cheapest in the market.
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